Do you often feel jittery or have those nervous feelings in the pit of your stomach?

Would you like to stop feeling keyed up or on edge - or get rid of those feelings of restlessness and tension. Or perhaps you feel something unexpected is about to happen at any moment.

What about that threatening feeling that trouble or even danger is lurking around the corner? Or that feeling of frustration with someone or something?

How about that feeling of exhaustion where you can't take it any more, you've had enough! ?

Are you ready to replace the Anxiety and Frustration with Peace, Harmony and Serenity ?

Are you ready to finally put an end to :

  • Feeling anxious and stressed out

  • Struggling to get to sleep

  • Uneasiness and nervousness

  • Fear of socializing and meeting people

  • Worry, Fear and Dread

  • Panic or Anxiety attacks

  • Mind racing and inability to Relax

  • Nagging, pounding headaches

Are you really ready?

These problems can be overcome. There is a sure way to conquer them.

Read on ...

Wouldn't you prefer:

  • Total Confidence and Self Assurance…

  • Joy and Enthusiasm…

  • Being Relaxed in all environments…

  • Serenity and Peace of Mind…

  • Feelings of Comfort and Safety…

  • Deep, restful sleep…

  • Fun and Laughter…

Well, it is possible to free yourself from Anxiety - It can be done !

Here's how: You just need some helpful guidance, some NEW knowledge and the willingness to implement some simple strategies into your life.


No we're NOT offering some over-night cures. We're not telling you to take some exotic herb or magical pill that will eradicate all your fears in an instant.

What we are promising is that if you first gain real insight into the ROOT causes of your anxiety and then follow our comprehensive step-by-step action plan, you can attain really remarkable freedom from your present anxieties and fears. You can RELEASE them. You can build a powerful foundation for transforming your life. Guaranteed.

But you have to do your part. We will provide some in depth, really useful NEW information, some specific strategies and tools and with a disciplined approach, you will soon feel some amazing relief.

Sure you're skeptical. There are a lot of false claims out there and many don't begin to respect the seriousness of experiencing real, energy draining, Anxiety. We do. We understand the nervy, edgy, heart pounding, fear evoked symptoms of Anxiety and all of it's many forms. Keep reading ....

Anxiety Problems can range from:

Excessive, continual worry (over such things as money, family, health, relationships, the unexpected etc.)

Trembling, shaking, aches and pains and being on constant edge

Panic Attacks - sweating, heart palpitations, fear of losing control or dying

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders - repeatedly performing routines and rituals

Phobias - fear of specific situations or objects

Post Traumatic Stress Disorders - re-living of traumatic past experiences

And these are just a sampling of Anxiety symptoms. There are many ways that the body manifests Anxiety and you might not even realize what behaviors of yours are really not healthy and normal or how they maybe affecting your life adversely.

FACT - All humans suffer from Anxiety to some degree. However the magnitude and manner in which it occurs varies enormously. Some of it is quite normal and even helpful to the individual however the major part is counter-productive and interferes with the leading of a healthy, joyful and harmonious life. Even a seemingly successful, productive person can immensely improve their quality of life by understanding the root causes for their negative emotions and then taking the necessary action to free themselves.

Anxiety is a symptom of a faulty belief system. If you can understand your belief system and how and why it was formed you can begin to loosen the grip that anxiety has on your life. The task is to understand how you drew your conclusions about the experiences and the people in your life. You see it's not the experiences themselves so much as what we perceive or make of those experiences that do the harm. We build up a set of rules, a structure to compensate and handle these situations safely.

Unfortunately, often these structures provide more dysfunction than the danger they were intended to protect us from. Anxiety is produced in our lives when our structure of rules and beliefs are threatened. Our e-book Release your Anxiety will provide you the awareness and tools to uncover those faulty structures and beliefs and replace them with useful, empowering beliefs.

We develop anxiety as a defensive mechanism to keep ourselves safe and to some degree it works effectively. However, often it can become exaggerated or distorted and this is when it holds us back from making useful, effective choices in our life. This is when our actions can either be frozen or inappropriate.

The essence of Anxiety is fear, a fear of not being in control. When we feel that we are in control of something we feel safe, we know how to react to that particular thing. However, when we feel we have no control over that thing, situation or person, we feel anxious. We have to allocate considerable energy to being alert and ready to respond to any threats that might occur. In time, we end up using an enormous amount of energy (quite unconsciously) just to stay in a state of readiness to respond to all the imagined threats that may occur. A constant state of anxiety then pervades our being.

Directed towards a positive objective, this innate drive to control is one of humanities most commanding and exquisite qualities. It's the wonderful power that has lead us to discover new continents and oceans and to venture into outer space. It's helped us build glorious monuments and develop amazing technologies and is the core of our quest for survival. Anything that we perceive to have any control or power over us at all, we want to know more about and understand so that we can remain safe in it's presence.

The problem with stopping Anxiety, phobias, panic attacks and unstable nervous conditions is that we've come to believe that the feelings themselves are keeping us safe and are warding off the danger. When we come to control the anxiety itself, the symptoms feel so real and so dangerous. Our typical methods of control then move us away from those feelings because we don't fully understand them. Since we can't seem to control anxiety and because those bad feelings just seem to appear out of nowhere, we move away from them or anything we associate with those emotions. One of the methods to reduce our anxiety is to fully explore it. When we start uncovering its nature, we can weaken and release the bind it has over us. That's where our E-Book Release your Anxiety comes in.

Once we begin to understand our anxieties, at a deep level, we take their power away. They disappear. Once we understand the problem we are already well on the way to recovery.

However, insight and understanding is only one aspect of our recovery from Anxiety. We also need to DO something. We need to change our behavior. We need to rid ourselves of negative, anxiety producing behaviors and replace them with powerful, positive behaviors and beliefs. You see, even if you have a detailed knowledge of your anxiety and it's effects, as long as it maintains control of your behavior it is a force that holds power over you. Such a force by it's nature will be unpredictable and frightening. We need to prove to ourselves that we are in control. The way we do that is by changing our behavior and instituting new actions.

Yes, this seems obvious and circular - understand your anxiety and stop being anxious and you will no longer have anxiety. But that's where you need help. You need the tools to first learn and comprehend what this anxiety is all about and secondly, a plan to step you through the changes in your behavior so that you can live a confident yet serene, peaceful and harmonious life.

FACT: - If you do the work and make the necessary changes to overcome your Anxiety you will experience a freedom you never thought was possible.

Anxiety, obsessions, compulsions, depression have an enormous power over our psyches. They can make us feel that there is no way out, that there is no way of overcoming them. But there certainly is ...

It's time to STOP these anxious feelings. It's time to RELEASE your ANXIETY !. This E-book will provide the precise details on how to do it.

Every anxiety problem is unique to each individual, but whether your problem is social anxiety, general anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behavior, a phobia or panic attacks, they all develop for similar reasons - a fear of some sort. They also strengthen in similar ways. These reasons and ways reflect how humans have evolved to deal with threats to our survival. Your individual personality is a result of the millions of interactions, experiences, learning and genetic make-up that have all contributed to you behaving in the way you do. An enormous part of that input has been very effective in keeping you safe and secure and allowed you to grow. However, a portion of the assumptions, conclusions, strategies, reasoning and knowledge gained at a particular time in your life has developed erroneously and been magnified over time. This has manifested itself as your anxiety and it is very possible to correct these distortions and incorrect conclusions. You can free yourself from these restricting obstructions. You can Release your Anxiety !

With the right tools, strategies and guidance you can learn to overcome your anxieties and fears. Release your Anxiety gives you those answers.

Sure, any kind of change can be frightening. The mere thought of taking the steps detailed in this book will evoke emotions in you. It means dealing with the unfamiliar. You will quite naturally experience feelings of lack of control which are unsettling and can provoke even more anxiety and fear in the short term. But the book will gently coach you through it. And think of the amazing benefits and rewards ...


Feelings of vitality, vigor and a zest for life.

Increased feelings of safety, security and inner warmth.

Abundance and Gratitude.

Peace of mind and harmonious relationships.

More time, energy and fun in your life.

Tranquility and calmness.

Easy achievement of goals and desires.


Yes, by undertaking a suitable course of action and following the strategies laid out in this book you can experience a magnificent BREAKTHROUGH in your life.

So how can the strategies and tools contained in this one book ensure the outcomes listed above?

Well, because it deals with the root issues and the underlying causes that bring about the struggles and dramas in our lives. The tools in this book go to the core of the problem and use methods to deal with the real causes of your Anxieties.

As stated earlier, the problems and pain we experience with our Anxieties are merely symptoms or effects brought about by deeply held beliefs. Getting to grips with the origin of Anxiety and following a step by step plan detailed in this book, you will restructure those beliefs. You will start discovering long buried assumptions and convictions of yours that are the real cause for your Anxiety. In time you will clear those beliefs that create fear and worry in your life, you will start to comprehend the bigger picture and release yourself of the tension and need for control that perpetuates all the pain and discomfort you are experiencing.
We recommend you ....

Most things we learn in life are disorienting and even frightening at first. For example riding a bicycle for the first time or learning to swim. At first we want to keep both feet on the ground to balance ourselves or we shout at our parent, friend or sibling to not let go of us as they follow behind holding the saddle. Quite naturally we fear the pain of falling and scratching ourselves, breaking a bone or worse - death. However, within a short time we are racing around, jumping on and off our bikes, even doing 'look Mom - no hands' tricks with full confidence that we are safe.

FACT - No matter how much knowledge you accumulate regarding your Anxieties, until you combine it with ACTION and new behaviors, you will retain all of your present fears, nervousness and tension. Beyond providing you valuable information, this E-Book will guide you gently through taking the necessary steps.

In other words with the right instruction and practice (knowledge and behavior change) we learn to overcome our fears and anxieties and soon master the task we so feared.

Provided you do your share, Release your Anxiety will help you to move from states of anxiety, panic, phobias or depression to self mastery and confidence. Those fearful and scary feelings will be replaced with joy, peace, harmony and tranquility.

The truth that many people never understand, until it is too late, is that the more you try to avoid suffering the more you suffer because smaller and more insignificant things begin to torture you in proportion to your fear of being hurt. -Thomas Merton (1915 - 1968)

Release your Anxiety E-book

Maybe NOW is a good time to put an end to your suffering. Maybe NOW is the moment to seize and begin your journey to freedom. By becoming aware of the concepts revealed in this E-book and using the tools and strategies laid out for you, you can move on to a new, joyful, exciting way of living.

You are likely purchasing this product to resolve perhaps only one specific problem in your life in which you're Anxiety has become overwhelming. However, the tools and strategies laid out in Release your Anxiety can be applied to all areas of your life. Not only are you likely to resolve your specific worry or anxiety but these tools will help you experience generalized improvement throughout the breadth of your life. You will likely observe a range of improvements including the following:

Improved Relationships - heart glowing warmth, increased intimacy, closer, more sincere friendships.

Peace, Harmony and Tranquility - true feeling of contentment and comfort, of feeling your authentic self.

More Time - to enjoy the fine things in life, for appreciation of Family and friends.

Achieve a deep sense of Security and Stability - experience that warm inner glow of peace.

More Balance - allowing time for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation and to expand your involvement in family and community, with sports, the arts and sciences.

True Boundless Freedom - release yourself from the struggle and strain of every day life.

Revived Zest for living - experience that adventurous 'can do' spirit of achievement, re-ignite those carefree feelings of your youth.

Ending Procrastination - confident, quick decision making and the ability to take action.

Focus - improved concentration, one pointedness, ability to get things done.

So what are you waiting for?

If a part of you is still undecided, listen to what these people who have read Release your Anxiety have to say:

... I get it now. I really get it. It took reading your book for me to understand what I wish I had learned 20 years ago... Now I laugh at the thought of it ....

--Francis T. - Los Angeles.

I certainly still have moments of apprehension but now within minutes I'm able to regain full control and feel at ease.

--Jasmin G. - Eden Prairie.

It really did get me to view things from a totally new perspective. I feel like I've made a breakthrough to a whole new way of experiencing life.

--Mark T. - Marble Falls.

…the realization of how I had been sabotaging myself hit me like a thunderbolt … can't thank you enough.

--Susan L. - Bedford View.

… incredibly powerful.

--James R. - NSW, Australia.

And there are many more readers who have transformed their life.


Of course, if you choose to purchase this E-book and merely browse through it, there is little chance of it having any meaningful impact on your life. You really need to read it and implement even just one of the simplest tools or strategies contained in it to benefit from your purchase. The degree of benefit you receive from this book will partially be determined by your actions subsequent to downloading it.

However, even with that in mind, we can still provide the following iron-clad Guarantee:


If you are not 100% satisfied with the purchase of Release your Anxiety , if for any reasons what-so-ever you feel you have not gained full value in purchasing this book, you can at any time within 60 days from the date of purchase, email us at the email address below to request a full refund. You will then be refunded the total purchase price.

So you see, if you have Anxiety about anything in your life, if you have any fears or worries, then there is no longer a reason to hesitate or procrastinate in doing something about it. Order this paradigm shifting book now and if for any reason whatsoever you regret that decision, then e-mail us and ask for your money back. That's how confident we are that Release your Anxiety, will be of real value to you.

Of course, you might choose to carry on with the same old same old, hoping that your anxiety will vanish by itself, hoping that the external triggers for your anxiety will just go away and never come back. Is that realistic?

Or maybe you'll choose to keep on searching for that holy grail that no-one, in the history of mankind has ever found - that magic wand that will wave away all your problems and fears. Maybe you aren't ready to grab hold of some life changing tools and vanquish your anxiety and worry yourself. Forever.

Maybe in some perverse psychological way you need to keep your Anxieties. At least for now.

There are thousands of resources from books to articles all over the Internet (some of them very good) that can provide insight into your anxiety. They could keep you busy for years to come, hopefully helping you to slowly, steadily whittle away your anxiety.

Or ...

Maybe it's time for a BREAK-THROUGH. The fact that you came to this website and have read this far indicates you are serious about transforming your life. Maybe you ARE READY!

If you want to STOP the hold that Anxiety has over you NOW, if you want to experience true change and growth, you must deal with the fear that is holding you back. It's time for a healthy choice - deep down you know what to do next.

Let go of the past - the old you, change those behaviors and beliefs to new, positive ways of being. Develop powerful confidence and conviction. It is possible to overcome Anxiety. It can be done.

If you've had enough of feeling emotionally depleted, of forever being worried and upset then it's time to do something about it.

You can get on the road to Freedom within the next 5 minutes.

Just click on the Order Now link below and you will be able to download Release your Anxiety Now right onto your computer. You'll be able to print it out or read it right on your computer screen.

Once you read and institute the tools and strategies in this E-book your lifestyle will change to one of peace and harmony. Maybe for the first time in your life you will know what Serenity feels like. Your new calmness, confidence and peace of mind can then be maintained by referring to this valuable material again and again.

Sincerely yours,

Gavin and Bridget Lambert.
Authors of Release your Anxiety


P.S. You CAN live the happy, peaceful life you deserve. You CAN empower yourself and transform your life. Choose freedom now, RELEASE your ANXIETY Now!

P.P.S. If you've read this far we know you are serious about changing your life, that's why we've made this a RISK-FREE offer. Inside the book are the tools to help you let go of those anxious feelings, to release your anxiety and there is no Risk for you (re-read our Guarantee above).

P.P.S. Remember, you can gain all the knowledge you want but until you take ACTION you won't be moving forward to that new life of Peace, Harmony and Serenity you so dearly desire. Release your Anxiety will provide both transformative knowledge and the guidance to keep you taking steps on the path. But you need to take the first 2 steps and they are purchasing and reading it. Click here to ORDER NOW


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